Mensa Imus LG

Mensa Imus LG



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Freestanding Infrared Heater

Power Consumption: 550W
Power Source AC: 220-240V
Height: 67.2cm
Width: 20cm
Protection Class: IP44
Lamp Type: Low Glare Infrared Quartz Shortwave
Lamp Life Cycle: 5,000 to 7,000 hours of use
Grill: Patent Pending “Safe to Touch”

Imus provides eco-friendly outdoor heat exactly where you want it. Imus is designed to fit under your existing garden table to make those long cosy evenings even longer.

Our heaters are the only one of its kind to have SAFE TOUCH, and thereby we see MENSA HEATING’s products as the safest outdoor heaters in the world!
With its unique patent pending technology MENSA HEATING is able to provide products with SAFE TOUCH, which allows you to touch the heaters at all times. Thanks to Danish engineering, we have managed to invent this unique function, which has been carried out to all our models.
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MENSA HEATING uses only the best lamps on the market (Quartz Short wave), securing 92% efficiency. And due to our unique construction of the bipolar lamp house, we can perform as similar to 1500W lamps, but only using 550W. This makes our heaters less expensive in running cost, and close to a third in the Co2 emission. 

Why Mensa Heating?

11 Reason to choose Mensa Heating

  1. Cheap running costs

Mensa Heating’s 550W Imus and Vireoo, are the markets cheapest patio heaters to run with an approximately running cost of $0.13 per hour. As a comparison you could run approximately 25 Mensa Heaters for the cost of 1 patio gas heater. The Statio has slightly higher consumption as it is 700W.

  1. Energy savings

Mensa Heating uses state of the art infrared Quartz shortwave which converts 92% of the electricity into heat making it the most efficient heating system on the market.

  1. Safety

Mensa Heating has designed and patented “Safe To Touch” low surface temperature technology. There is no open flame and the lamp is protected with a special grill, that provides this unique feature. Furthermore, Mensa Heating’s products are tested by several of the world’s leading test institutes. Try it yourself!

  1. Efficient heating without waste

Similarly to the sun, the thermal radiant heat radiates only people and objects in its line of sight, such as your legs and hands and not the air. So we are heating your extremities instead of trying to defy gravity of hot air rising from an overhead heater.

  1. Immediately heat

Mensa Heating’s products warm immediately after you turn them on. There is no annoying wait for the lamp to start warming.

  1. No mess and no rattle

No more soot, which occurs from using gas heaters. In addition Mensa Heating is completely noise and odour free.

  1. Flexible and easy to use

Mensa Heating’s products are made of lightweight materials, which ensures that the products can be used almost anywhere.

  1. Environmentally friendly

The heat from Mensa Heating is based on infrared quartz short wave, which is the most environmentally friendly solution for outdoor use. The result is a reduction in CO2 emission by more than 89%, compared with conventional gas heaters.

  1. Danish design

The famous Danish designer Mikael Mammen is the designer behind Mensa Heating’s products.

  1. High quality

Mensa Heating’s products are engineered in Denmark with a focus on high quality which is reflected by the life span of the bulb of 5,000 to 7,000 hours of normal use.

  1. Robust for outdoor use

All Mensa Heating’s products are strong, robust and resilient to the occasional fall. They offer water resistance for outdoor use to IP44 Waterproof Standards.

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